The annual Holiday Project provides basic needs to families, and gifts to children through our Adopt-a-Child, Adopt-a-Family, and Holiday Shop options. Through generous donations from the community and corporate partners, the Holiday Project helps ensure our clients have a joyful holiday.

All About the Project

  • This program is designed for children who currently live with relatives, in foster homes, or in patient Residential Treatment Centers or are currently receiving services at the Center.
  • Each child provides three holiday wishes, which is approximately a $125 commitment for a donor.
  • Interested in participating in the Adopt-a-Child program? Send an email to to sign up.
  • Going contactless? Ship your items directly to the Center! Kindly give us a heads up by emailing to let us know where the items are shipping from, the tracking number/order details and your assigned child’s CID number.

  • This program is designed for non-offending family members whose needs are more practical and sometime dire due to limited funds.
  • Family needs could include but not limited to: a new appliance, home repair, new bed or a deposit for a new apartment and is approximately a $1,000 commitment for a donor.
  • Interested in participating in the Adopt-a-Family program? Send an email to to sign up.

Holiday Shop
  • Buying gifts can be difficult for families with children who have experienced abuse or neglect and are struggling to make ends meet during the holiday season. Holiday Shop is a place non-offending caregivers are given the chance to “shop” for their children at no charge, allowing them the joy of presenting their children with holiday gifts.
  • You can show your support by hosting a virtual or in person toy drive. Collect new toys, games, DVD’s, books, teen items, gift cards and other gifts that will be used to stock our Holiday Shop.
  • Click the link below called “Top Gift Requests” for popular gifts!
  • You can also show your support by purchasing popular gifts from our Amazon wish list (link coming soon) which will be used to stock our Holiday Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I am part of a group/organization and we want to participate. What can we do? 
    Host a virtual or office toy drive at your office or business, host a gift card party, Adopt-a-Child, Adopt-a-Family, or shop our Amazon Wishlist (link coming soon). 
  • When do children receive their gifts? 
    Once the gifts have been returned to the CACCC, they are given to the children’s caseworkers. Caseworkers deliver and/or mail gifts to the children’s caregivers so that they are received in time for the holiday.
  • I signed up for Adopt-a-Child and there are three gift requests listed and the child’s sizes for clothes/shoes, and the child’s interests. Do I have to buy everything on the list?
    No, these lists are gifts requested by the child. Their clothing/shoe sizes and interests are included to provide you more information. We recommend $125 be spent on each child. If one gift alone reaches the referenced amount, please do not feel obligated to purchase additional gifts. Please fulfill the child’s gift requests to the best of your ability.
  • Should I wrap the gifts? 
    No, please deliver the gifts unwrapped so that caregivers may present them to the children. This allows the caregiver to have the dignity of participating in giving the gifts.
  • Gift cards seem impersonal. Why are they requested?
    As much as teenagers appreciate the gestures attempted by adults, they typically enjoy selecting their own gifts for the holidays. We also utilize gift cards for children who are in foster homes, shelters, and Residential Treatment Centers out of the DFW area.
  • Where do I drop off the gifts? 
    Holiday Project donations will be accepted at the Center – 2205 Los Rios Blvd., Plano, Texas. Gifts should be UNWRAPPED so that CACCC staff can easily locate items to make sure it is received by the right child or family. You can have your items delivered directly to the Center but you must email in advance with all information pertaining to your order.
  • Why is the drop off date in early December?
    To ensure all gifts are delivered in time for the holidays.

Sponsorships & Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact Kara Shrum, Corporate Relations Manager to learn about sponsorships and volunteer opportunities | 972.633.6614.