Five years ago, we embarked on a journey to ensure that no abused child in Collin County ever goes without the services they need to heal. After analyzing multitudes of data, we learned that the child population in Collin County is projected to triple over the next 25 years, and we need to be prepared to serve three times as many children as we serve today.

The work we do at the Center is transformative, both for our children and for our community. With the miraculous gifts we have received, we now have the opportunity to carry that transformation far into the future.


The project team for the new facility is comprised of KDC Real Estate Development and Investments, Alliance Architects, and Spring Valley Construction Company. The new facility will be named The Speese Campus in honor of the generous lead gift and long-term support of the Center by Carolyn and Mark Speese. The new 40,000 square foot advocacy center is located at 1701 Heritage Dr. McKinney, TX.


See photos below for continued updates of our construction progress from Spring Valley Construction Company.

We are excited to open the brand new CACCC Speese Campus in McKinney this fall and we want to be fully prepared to provide services to the first child, and every child thereafter who walks through our doors. We were blown away by the generosity of so many who made building the new facility possible. Your generosity now, in the final stages of opening this campus, is crucial. Help us meet the need.


We were honored to have led this campaign along with the staff and volunteer leadership. We believe in the mission of the Center and the great work they do in our community. We are so inspired by the generous and meaningful support to this campaign. Thank you all for your commitment to the future of Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County.

– Mark and Carolyn Speese, Capital Campaign Chairs


I am proud of the success of this campaign to build another full-service center. Every day as we secure justice for these precious children, I see up close and personal the difference the Center makes in their lives. It is a safe place where traumatized, abused children learn how to deal with and heal from that trauma, while we seek justice on their behalf.

– Greg Willis, Collin County District Attorney


This new facility means that no abused child who needs services will ever be turned away, no matter how large Collin County grows. It means that children won't have to travel hours to receive the help they need after suffering the trauma of abuse. It means that these children who come to our Center, broken and frightened, will have a new future, bright with promise and hope.

– Lynne McLean, CEO of Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County

According to the National Institutes of Health, the economic impact of untreated child abuse per child is over $280,000.

Based upon the number of children we served in 2021 alone, the cost savings to the community for those children is over $640 Million.



Carolyn & Mark Speese

Credit Union of Texas

Independent Financial

J. E. and L. E. Mabee Foundation

Hiya & David Hoffman

The Grimshaw Family Trust

Wendy & Tom Engibous | Engibous Family Foundation

Alicia & Eric Pointer
Amy & Chris Young
Amy Darrow & Al Ely
Anna Ruth & David Smith
Carrie & James Benson
Cathy & Richard Riccardi
Cindy & Bob Sutley
Diane Crutcher
Donna & Phil Head
Ed & Claudine Record
Eugene McDermott Foundation
Hilary & Al Valente
Hillcrest Foundation
Inez & Dan Browning
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Jenni & Dalton McGaha
Joe A Marek
Kelley & Steve Lilley
Lisa & Robb Temple

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McKinney Community Development Corporation
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Sloan Investment Management LLC
Stacey & Andy Cernicky
Stacy & David Nahas
Susan & Jonathan Shapiro
Tamara & Paul Sheldon | QSLWM
The Donald Braun Family
The Office of Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis
Varrichio Family Foundation

Ann & Michael Boswell
Anna & Raj Asava
Annie May
Belinda Ressler
Bobbie Pierri
Carolyn & Tom Fredricks
Carrie & Nate Moran
Chief Greg Conley
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Christine & Frank Stanesic
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