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SANE Exams

Medical Evaluations

Onsite in the Center’s medical suite, pediatric sexual assault exams, and physical abuse exams are conducted. Additionally, through our partnership with the REACH Clinic at Children’s Medical Center Legacy, we are able to expand our services in providing children with physical and sexual abuse exams as well as non-acute medical exams.

Who conducts the exam?

Physicians, and nurses who are specifically trained to:

  1. Provide comprehensive care to patients who are victims of sexual assault, physical abuse or neglect
  2. Demonstrate competency in conducting a medical forensic exam to include evaluation for evidence collection
  3. Have the expertise to provide effective courtroom testimony
  4. Show compassion and sensitivity to children victimized by abuse or neglect

What is a sexual assault medical forensic exam?

A sexual assault medical forensic examination is performed by specially trained medical professionals for the purpose of evaluation and treatment of trauma, treatment of possible exposure to infection, referral to counseling and follow-up medical care, and for the collection of evidence following a report of sexual assault by a victim. The medical well-being of the patient is the primary objective of the medical provider at all times during the examination.

What happens during a sexual assault medical forensic exam?

Once consent is obtained from the parent, a medical history is taken by the medical provider to determine injuries and appropriate medical treatment for the patient. The next step is a head-to-toe examination, including the genital area, in order for the medical professional to document trauma to any part of the body. Last, a collection of forensic evidence may be done, and a sexual assault evidence collection kit is sometimes used.

Will the sexual assault medical forensic exam “prove” my child has been sexually abused?

The presence or absence of physical evidence does not prove whether a person has been sexually abused. Rather, the examination may provide supportive evidence to be used during legal proceedings. A medical examination is one piece of information in reported case of abuse.