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Forensic Interviews

Forensic Interviews

What is a forensic interview?

A forensic interview is a legally justifiable, fact-finding interview done at the request of law enforcement or Child Protective Services. Forensic Interviews are conducted by specially trained interviewers employed by the CAC. The interviewers are given minimal information before the interview in order to gather information directly from the child.

What is the purpose of an interview?

Prior to the advent of Children's Advocacy Centers, children had to repeat the details of their nightmare over and over, compounding the initial trauma. The purpose of a forensic interview is to minimize the number of times children must tell their stories. Forensic interviewers provide an opportunity for children to disclose abuse. If abuse is disclosed, the interview is used to gather details about their victimization.

Why are the interviews recorded?

The forensic interview is recorded in order to minimize the number of times a victim must detail their trauma. The recording also increases the accuracy of information provided to professionals investigating the case, particularly law enforcement.

All interviews are viewed in “real time” by CPS caseworkers and law enforcement officers to increase the collaboration and efficiency of the investigation.

CACCC Services:

  • 775 children received 819 forensic interviews in the last year
  • Last year, our medical providers conducted 99 pediatric sexual assault exams.