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Client Care Program

What is the Client Care Program?

A program focused on providing advocacy, support, and information to families involved with the multi-disciplinary team. This program was developed to provide a continuum of care for clients as they work with the multi-disciplinary team. Clients encounter a myriad of people from the time they enter the doors of the CAC until their case is complete. Providing a consistent person they can rely on to resolve concerns, provide information, and refer them to services can help to ease the confusion and stress that our clients endure throughout this process.

Services Include:

  • Advocacy: Client Care Caseworkers work collaboratively with the MDT and their clients to ensure that the voice of the client is heard. Caseworkers act as a “middle-man” between the MDT and the client in order to enhance communication.

  • Support: Client Care Caseworkers provide emotional support for clients as they proceed through the system. Caseworkers provide support before, during, and after court proceedings involving the clients.

  • Information: Client Care Caseworkers provide information to clients regarding the status of their case. Caseworkers make appropriate referrals for clients as needs arise.