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December 2016

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​Now is the perfect time to give to the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County annual campaign. Between now and Jan. 15, all financial gifts contributed to our annual campaign will be increased thanks to generous contributions from the Board of Directors and Advisory Council.

But that isn't all. Here are ​4 more reasons why you should give to the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County:

4. To support a top ​rated ​charity.

The Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County was rated 4 stars for 6 straight years by ​Charity ​Navigator. ​This is something only 5% of charities nationwide have achieved.

3. ​To help see that justice is served.

From 2001 to May of 2016, child offenders have been assessed over 41,000 years of incarceration in Collin County.

2. ​​To make sure no child has to pay to heal from abuse.

All therapy services are offered at no cost and are designed to meet the unique needs of each client, because no child should have to pay to heal from abuse.

1. ​To help kids like Caleb.

We wrote last month about Caleb. Instead of receiving unconditional love and support in his home, he received beatings. Instead of seeing understanding in his father's eyes after receiving a low grade, he saw anger and rage and suffered the impact. While Caleb may not have received what he needed from ​his father, he didn't have to feel like he was alone. He isn't alone because he has supporters like you, and now he has a loving home and therapy at CACCC to learn how to trust adults and cope with his feelings of abandonment.

​Give because of Caleb. Caleb is why we are here​, and your gift enables us to help more children like Caleb this year.

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What a wonderful time of year! More than 1,100 children who have suffered from abuse or neglect are receiving holiday gifts this year because of your generosity through the CACCC Holiday Project.

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Hundreds of caregivers lined up last Thursday morning and "shopped" for gifts for their children at the annual Holiday Shop. Add that to the many children and families already served through Adopt-A-Child and Adopt-A-Family, and more than 1,100 children are receiving gifts this week that they would not otherwise receive. We cannot thank you enough for helping make this possible.

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When a child is victimized by abuse in their own home, they often have to walk back into the scene of the crime over and over again. Instead of their bedroom being a refuge, their eyes catch the sight of the pattern on the comforter or the color of the wall and it triggers thoughts of what happened there.

While most families can’t afford to move and leave the location of the trauma behind them, there is a lot they can do to change the room so it seems like a whole new space. Recently, our Family Advocate Program was awarded a grant that provided funds to renovate a room for a child whose family would not have been able to do so themselves.

The Samuels family was very excited when they heard they were chosen for the “My Safe Space Project.” Their CACCC Family Advocate met with them to discuss what they would do to makeover Hannah’s room. Not wanting to “take advantage,” they simply asked for a fresh coat of paint and a desk. With a great deal of encouragement from their advocate, Hannah was able to identify other much needed items. With guidance from Hannah, the family advocate was able to purchase a desk, desk chair, nightstand, dresser, lamp, picture frame, bedding, and other decorative items which were delivered to the family.  

When the remodeling project was complete, the family advocate was invited back to see Hannah’s room.  The advocate listened as Hannah told her how happy she was with her new room and how she loved getting to sit at her very own desk to do her homework. She listened as Mrs. Samuels expressed just how overjoyed she was to see how this project made her daughter feel. She listened as the whole family talked about how grateful they were to receive this grant and how they knew they that even though this was a difficult time, they were not alone.

Now when Hannah walks in her room, instead of remembering the past, she is able to get excited about what the future may hold.

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